Client-Shaped Dot Brand Services

In 2012, ICANN invited applications for the operation of new generic top-level domains. Almost 30% of applicants were from rights owners seeking to secure their own piece of Internet real estate – namely, their own brand name presented to the ‘right of the dot’ – a “Dot Brand”, e.g. .KPMG

Following the success of the application process in 2012, ICANN will be opening a further window (Round Two) of opportunity, anticipated at the end of 2022.

Com Laude is the best partner for companies seeking to register and secure maximum realisable value from a Dot Brand registration in the next round.

In 2012 Com Laude’s wholly-owned subsidiary company, Valideus, advised clients covering 20% of all Dot Brand applications filed globally. And furthermore, 73 of those applications achieved perfect 100% scores from the ICANN evaluators. Applications were drafted and submitted on behalf of satisfied clients from a variety of sectors, including global leaders in e-commerce, banking, consultancy, fashion, insurance, media, manufacturing, software and retail.

Com Laude’s Client-Shaped approach to Dot Brands ensures applications are scoped and the process is managed in a way that secures maximum realisable value for every client. Our unique “Client-Shaped” approach is delivered via:

  • Assessment: Potential value is separately assessed for every client individually and applications only proceed if clear added value can be identified.
  • Engagement: Before the application starts we engage with your colleagues on your behalf to ensure that the whole team ‘buys into’ the value Dot Brands could bring.
  • Delivery: Post-registration we continue to work with your teams to ensure full ‘theoretical’ value is delivered.

The last opportunity to acquire a “Dot Brand” was in 2012 – when innovative “early adopters” such as Amazon, Canon, Barclays, SNCF and KPMG secured their dedicated space on the Internet, giving rise to a series of benefits revolving around online brand recognition, loyalty, trust, and security:

  1. The protection of corporate intellectual property, thus preventing another party from applying for a key brand or similar variant.
  2. A visibly secure and trusted user experience, with complete control over a dedicated namespace with zero abuse.
  3. Enhanced brand recognition amongst stakeholders – at the heart of digital communications both internal and external to the brand
  4. A consistent digital presentation of the brand – distributed across international markets, operations and supply chains; and
  5. A flexible environment where Dot Brand domain names can be registered at the second level (e.g. without the restrictions of name scarcity that exist in traditional namespaces – and then used for innovative purposes for short periods, such as for marketing campaigns, or to support ongoing operations.



With the next round of applications likely to take place at the end of 2022, and what is likely to be a 12 to 18-month project running up to application submission, now is the time to consider if a Dot Brand may be right for your business

Com Laude’s Client shaped Dot Brand services are crafted not only for new applicants but for existing Dot Brand registries who would benefit from the unrivalled expertise and experience that we have to offer. Multiple registries have already transitioned from their incumbent suppliers to Com Laude and benefit from the knowledge, service levels, and maximum realisable value that we deliver.


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