Newsflash: Launch of IDN ccTLD ישראל. (.xn--4dbrk0ce) – Hebrew for “Israel”

The Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), registry operator for Israel’s Latin ccTLD .IL, has announced the launch of the country’s new IDN ccTLD ישראל. (.xn--4dbrk0ce – .ISRAEL in Hebrew) as follows:

*UTC/GMT +3 hours

Priority of Applicants

The Sunrise Phase is the first part of the TLD launch, however, holders of existing registered Hebrew domain names under .IL will have priority rights over owners of Israeli trademarks and Israeli legal entities, after which, the right passes to the earliest submitted Sunrise application.

***Holders of existing registered Hebrew .IL domain names (under .CO.IL, .ORG.IL and .NET.IL) have now been contacted by the registry and awarded the exclusive right to register an identical Hebrew domain name under the IDN TLD during the initial three-month Protected Registration Period (or the holder of the domain name with the earliest registration date, where there are two identical Hebrew names under different extensions, e.g. .CO.IL and .ORG.IL).  If they opt out, the right passes to the domain holder with the second-earliest registration date (or earliest Sunrise application to be used during the Second Protected Registration Period if no additional existing registered domains).

Where there are no further rights holders, domains will become available for registration by the general public on a first-come, first-served basis at the end of each launch phase.  At the end of the Third Protected Registration Period, domains will become available for registration by all, even if there are additional valid Sunrise applications.

Please note, there is no need to file a separate Sunrise Application if you have been awarded the exclusive right to register a domain.

ISOC-IL is recommending that owners of Israeli Trademarks and Israeli legal entities file Sunrise applications, even where the required Hebrew domain name is identical to an existing registered Hebrew domain name, in case the existing domain holder does not exercise its right during the relevant Protected Registration Period.

Domains under the IDN TLD must be registered in Hebrew script.

The registry may ask applicants to provide an accurate Hebrew translation of any document not written in Hebrew.

For further information and to check the fees, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.