Newsflash: ICM Registry launches Enhanced Eligibility Criteria for AdultBlock

ICM Registry have announced that they are adding more rights to the eligibility criteria which can be used to secure an AdultBlock, the service that allows to block terms under the new gTLDs .PORN, .SEX, .ADULT and .XXX.

Until now there were two ways to qualify for the AdultBlock service: owning an existing dotXXX Sunrise B block, which can be grandfathered to an AdultBlock product before 1st December 2021 or holding a valid Trademark registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

From 12 May 2021 AdultBlock accredited partners are able to use the following rights to secure an AdultBlock product after successful verification:

  • Registered Trademarks: national or regional registered trademarks.
  • Unregistered Trademarks: any mark created to signify or distinguish a product or service. In some jurisdictions/countries, unregistered trademarks are also called common law trademarks.
  • Company/Organization Name: registered companies as well as “Trading As” or “Doing Business As” names can sign up for the AdultBlock service.
  • Celebrity Names: famous persons, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities, and public figures can also sign up for the service.

Verification of rights comes at no additional cost to registrants and is available through us as a registrar.

Additional information and examples of acceptable proofs of use are available at the dedicated AdultBlock website here.

Should you wish to place an order, or require further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.