At Com Laude we work with corporations and their brands to help keep their online presence safe and protected. Our clients come from many industry sectors:

Consumer goods

The ubiquity of the internet has naturally enabled brands to reach deeper into markets and increase their engagement with consumers. However, high margins and the ease of reproduction of quality goods has led to the internet being a useful route to market for reproductions, fake goods and forgeries.

Brand management teams need to continually monitor and take action on such infringements to maintain the value of their brand.


Educational establishments are increasingly having to think about their online brand story and ensure that brand infringement is taken care of. More establishments are seeing bad actors providing fake information and seeking to profit from unsuspecting stakeholders.

It is ever more important that organisations continually monitor and take action on infringements to maintain the value of their brand.

Financial services

The internet has changed the face of banking and the financial markets, making life easier for the customer and more efficient for the service providers. At the same time it has brought some significant challenges with increased levels of fraud, phishing, and all manner of cybercrime.

The institutions have a reputation to protect, want to reduce the hassle for their customers and want to make sure they protect their revenues.


Many law firms are involved in the protection and management of an enterprise’s intellectual property portfolio, into which domain names are now fully integrated. When a law firm needs the services of a domain name management company, who do they turn to? Well, 15 out of the top 20 turn to Com Laude.

We are proud of our heritage with law firms. We work in partnership with them and have a number of approaches to helping them protect their clients’ online properties. We can work alongside the law firm or simply provide a white-label service, whichever is most appropriate.

Luxury brands

Despite challenging times for the global economy, luxury goods have continued to perform well as the desire for high quality, well respected brands has continued unabated. High margins, improved manufacturing techniques and the ubiquity of the internet make this an attractive sector for counterfeits.

Brand management teams need to continually monitor and take action on such infringements to maintain the value of their brand.

Not for profit

Just because you’re a not-for-profit organisation doesn’t mean there won’t be people who will seek to make money off your success.

Not everyone has the same business principles and hence we are seeing an increasing number of not-for-profits seeking advice about online brand protection.

Online entertainment

The gaming and online entertainment sector remains one of the hottest and most vibrant sectors on the internet.

With billions of pounds transacted every year, strict regulation and challenges of jurisdiction, brand management in this sector is a real challenge.

Online services

Companies offering pure online services, such as file hosting, dating, and video streaming, tend to be at the forefront of developing hi-tech innovations using the internet; after all, it’s this approach that has got them where they are. The online nature of their business makes them high profile targets of cybercriminals. 

Mobile devices are increasingly used to interact with customers and, as a result, a new channel for online fraud has emerged. Protection of the brand image, and reducing counterfeits lies at the heart of an online services business strategy.


From the early days of the internet pharmaceutical companies have experienced issues with copies and fake products being sold online. The issue of fake products is not a new one, but the internet has significantly simplified the distribution of such goods.

Not only does this cause substantial lost revenue but can also cause incalculable damage to the brand if the fake goods are not produced to the same quality standards as the genuine article. Pharmaceutical companies have been taking action against the people behind such products for many years and continue to battle daily with the counterfeiters.


Retailers have embraced the opportunities of the internet to engage more deeply with their customers, to deliver higher quality service and to enhance revenues through improvements in marketing, and channel distribution.

At the same time, the internet has brought increased competition from new online only channels and small start-ups who can be more agile and provide exceptionally high quality service. Alongside this, issues of online brand protection, imitation, and fraud cause all manner of headaches for retailers.


The sports industry has grasped the internet as a tool to engage fans, increase revenues from merchandise sales and partner with other firms to deliver associated goods and services.

The success of this approach has made sports brands the target of counterfeiters, fraudsters, and cybersquatters.

Technology, Telecommunications and Media

The technology, media and telecommunications industries lead the way in making the most of the internet as a tool to serve customers and create a competitive edge through innovation.

The technology they deploy underpins their solutions and because of the profile of their businesses they are often the target of cybercriminals. Protection of their content and services lies at the heart of the business strategy of any TMT business.

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